I draw upon two decades of ocean exploration to design experiences that draw upon the psychology of influence, improv and mythic storytelling.


At my core, I’m an enthusiastic storyteller, performer and teacher who is passionate about exploring the nexus of philosophy and action.


I’m excited to share the fruits of my curiosity. Bring on courageous questions, diverse wild systems, open minds, and next level group-mind collaborations.

Experience Designer

Choose your adventure level:

Wild, Epic or Mythic


Director of Special Projects — Research Vessel Alucia (2010-present)

Led 8 years of Ocean Science/Conservation and Media expeditions all over the world.

Project managed technology infrastructure of media department. Professional filming aquariums, 8 K deep-sea filming cameras, mobile editing studios. Field produced shoots for IMAX, National Geographic, BBC.

Solutions Lead, SeaLegacy  (2017-Present)

Expedition design. Solutions module development. Experience design. Science and media partnership development

Executive Director, Marine Conservation expeditions  (2009-2012)

Designed filmmaking adventures to connect families to ocean adventures.

Director of Photography, Globally distributed science and Natural History programming  (1998-2017)

Specialized in filming human wildlife interactions to communicate science and conservation stories.  I developed a powerful inside network of scientists, filmmakers, activists, non-profits, philanthropists and government agencies.

Select Filmography:

BBC “Astronauts: Do You Have It What it Takes”, 2017

BBC, “Wonders of Life with Brian Cox”, 2012

Animal Planet “I Shouldn’t be Alive- Avalanche”, 2011

National Geographic and Alexandra Cousteau, Expedition Blue Planet, 2010

National Geographic Channel, “Witness to the Wild” George Schaller Nature’s Greatest Defender, 2008

BBC Science/Discovery, Oceans, 8 part series, 2007, 2008

BBC/ Top Gear, Richard Hammond meets Even Knievel, 2007

PBS, Wings over the Wild, Documentary on Environmental Pilots, 2005

BBC/Discovery, Amazon Abyss, 2005

National Geographic Television, Tiger Sharks, 1999

Full Filmography Available Upon Request

Scientific Research

New England Biolabs: I discovered a new enzyme (1998)

University Of Michigan: Collected magnetospheric data in the Arctic Circle of Greenland’s ice caps (1997)

Campaign Work

Alucia/ Dalio Ocean Initiative (2014)

Tribal elders and Youth in Support of Locally Managed Marine Reserves. Cinema Evening and DVD distribution to rural schools.

Supported Guardians of Raja Ampat campaign, Produced Sasi tribal conservation ceremony, Tribal leaders in deep diving subs and helicopter aerial shoot. Local outreach cinema evening on the island of Arborak.

CAVU/ Marviva (2006)

Remote Outreach Cinema Campaigns on Water Rights, Deforestation, and Sustainable Economic Development in Costa Rica, El Salvador and Panama

Wildlife Conservation Society, Ellen Degeneres Wildlife, 60 Minutes

Auction naming rights of new species of monkey to fund rangers in Madidi National Park. $650,000 of a million dollars raised- 2005

Tributary Fund Supporting campaign to connect international fly fishermen to Conservation of watersheds by rebuilding Buddhist monastery in Mongolia

Conservation International, Blue Sphere Media, Alucia Productions

Research Expedition to discover new fish species and promote Tribal stewardship/enforcement in Raja Ampat, 2015

Dalio Ocean Initiative, Bayshore Global Solutions Department

Ecuador Earthquake Relief Mission 2016


University Of Michigan - Bachelors of Arts, Film and Natural Resources  (1994 -1998)

University of Montana - Masters Degree, Science and Natural History Filmmaking


Advanced French and Spanish.  Advanced Scuba (Nitrox, CCR rebreather), horseback, mountaineering. small boat handling, underwater digital still photography, audio recording/mixing, white water river navigation, large screen projection systems, wilderness survival, basic first Aid and CPR, fire spinning, Jeffersonian Dinner hosting

Volunteer Work

Youth Soccer Coach, Youth Empowerment and Community Emotional Well Being workshops, Addiction Counseling, Sister Cities Exchange Program, Mentorship programming with students of Environmental Outreach, Mariculture and Adventure Filmmaking